'Catch up' super contributions: a tax break for rich (old men)
      10 Reasons Why Financial Plans Aren't Just For The 1%
      10 retirement resolutions for 2016
      12 scams you should be aware of
      15 quotes from Warren Buffett that take you inside the mind of a legendary investor |
      20 Valuable Personal Finance Questions to Ask Yourself - The Simple Dollar
      2015 Year in Review
      2016: Ten Predictions to Count On
      3 Reasons the Stock Market Is Rising Even As the World Feels Like It's Falling Apart
      3 reasons why poor market performance is a blessing in disguise
      3 things to know about investment cycles
      5 critical retirement investing mistakes to avoid
      5 Financial Rules For Your Kids
      5 things to do immediately after a loved one dies
      7 Deadly Sins of Investing
      7 Essential Money Questions Sure to Start a Conversation
      7 Secrets of Successful People to Living a Balanced Life
      8 reasons why the RBA won't hold for long
      8 Reasons Why You Don't Have Money
      : RBA Governor Glenn Stevens' final speech
      A Life Full of Experiences May Not Mean Less Financial Security
      A lifetime of investing insights
      A Wealth of Common Sense
      A word from the ATO: What we expect from you
      Adding value to the Financial Experience
      Advice worth more than it costs
      Advisers the key to retirement stability, research shows
      Age Pension safety net is assured
      Aged Care Changes
      An interview with Chris Cuffe
      Are recessions a thing of the past? - Cuffelinks
      Are term deposits safe or risky for long-term investors?
      Aussies don't have enough money to retire
      Australians planning to work longer
      Bad Moods Are the Other Global Migration Problem
      Brexit rocks Australian sharemarket, worse to come
      BREXIT: "Don't Panic! Don't Panic Mr Mainwaring"
      Budget shocks limit large super balances
      Building a better retirement nest egg: Part 1 - Factors that influence retirement savings
      Can you afford to live longer?
      Castle Hill Knights Baseball Club
      Choose to Be Grateful. It Will Make You Happier.
      CIPRs are coming and that's exciting
      Confusing What Just Happened With What Happens Next
      Connecting online can help prevent social isolation in older people
      Creating Real Value
      Death and taxes on your own terms
      Decision Making and Counterintuition in Investing
      Delayed gratification: are you too soft on yourself?
      Deriving an effective retirement income
      Diversification in thinking and practice
      Diversification is the foundation of a solid portfolio
      Do Nothing
      During Market Turmoil, Just Listen to Your Financial Plan - The New York Times
      Emotional investing magnifies volatility & volatility is not the same as risk-what investors need
      Empty-Nesters Aren't Saving Enough
      Estate planning and your wishes after death
      Estate planning: where there's a will, there's a way
      Family home next stage of retirement policy
      Federal Budget 2016/17 moved to 3rd of May
      Federal Budget 2017-18: Getting the right balance
      Five lessons from the recent turbulence in share markets
      Five steps to retiring at 55
      Five strategies for SMSFs to boost confidence
      Five urban myths about super changes
      Focus on the Next Step
      Getting better control of your financial future
      Glenn's Crystal Ball Gaze
      Good Plan, Good Habit
      Government looking at lowering Div 293 threshold to $180k
      Helping clients to keep their head out of the clouds
      Hockey on super at Tax Reform Summit - Cuffelinks
      How & Why We Hinder Our Personal Investment Success - Forbes
      How Biases Affect Investor Behaviour
      How is the "sell everything" forecast going?
      How Many Years Can You Do Your Job?
      How Much Money Do You Need to Retire?
      How to define spending goals in retirement
      How to Set a Budget and Stick to a Budget
      Ideal retirement a pipe dream for most pre-retirees
      In investing, patience is more than a virtue
      In retirement, is it too much to ask to have your cake and eat it too?
      Investing is a balancing act
      Investing quiz
      Investing Should Be Painful
      It Just Doesn't Matter
      It's Not All in the Timing
      It's not just a job, it's your career (Part one)
      Latest Investment Research
      Learn How to Say No So You Can Say a Bigger Yes
      Living Longer, Living Better
      Long-term investing: the destination is better than the journey
      Market timing - as tricky as ever
      Mattress Money
      More Retirees Get Less Satisfaction
      More than Money
      Most SMSF members "well placed" for comfortable retirement: research
      Nine rules for investors to keep in mind
      Older Investors Most Likely To Be Scammed
      Oliver's Insights - Global politics in the year of the monkey
      Oliver's Insights - There's a bear in there - what drives mild versus deep bear markets
      Only 4.2% of people will be adversely affected by Budget super changes
      Outlook for the New Year
      Outside the Flags: The Wine Lovers' Guide to Investing
      Part 2: Building a better retirement nest egg: factors that influence retirement savings
      Poor asset records causing serious breaches, cautions ATO
      Pre-retirees concerned and underprepared
      Prepare to pay more for aged care
      Providing financial assistance to parents
      Putting new year market falls in perspective: 4 things to consider
      RBA cuts by 25bps to record low 1.50%
      Re-contributions another victim of Budget
      Research reports finds: SMSFs still on track for comfortable retirement
      Retirees choosing income streams over super lump sums
      Retirement - the most important career move you'll ever make
      Retrospectivity ain't what it used to be
      Review of 2015, outlook for 2016 - more of the same
      Risk in the New World
      Risk on? Interest rates could stay low for decades
      Seniors living is becoming a mainstream investment
      Shared from Twitter: RBA will be forced to cut interest rate to 1 per cent or lower, Macquarie says
      Shares hitting bear market territory - the fear of fear itself or something more fundamental?
      Should Investors Sell After a "Correction"?
      Simple Does Not Mean Easy
      SMSF investment strategy helps in times of market volatility
      Something Most Investors Simply Cannot Accept - A Wealth of Common Sense
      Something to Talk About
      Spot the Red Flags
      Statement from the Governor of the Bank of England following the EU referendum result
      Strategies for retiring retirement: life, liberty and happiness after full-time work
      Stress is One Reason People Retire
      Super Scheme Smart: "if in doubt, check it out," says ATO
      Talking About Money
      Talking About Money, Part 1
      Talking About Money, Part 10
      Talking About Money, Part 2
      Talking About Money, Part 3
      Talking About Money, Part 4 - Behavior Gap
      Talking About Money, Part 5
      Talking About Money, Part 6
      Talking About Money, Part 7
      Talking About Money, Part 8
      Talking About Money, Part 9
      Tax plans in disarray as confusion reigns
      The 'Huge Uncertainty' in Some Australian Apartment Markets
      The 2% Change - Feld Thoughts
      The Calendar & The Checkbook: Two Things That Don't Lie
      The difficulties picking fund manager winners
      The Four Phases Of Saving For Retirement
      The Great Endeavour
      The Herding Mentality: Behavioral Finance and Investor Biases
      The impact of super changes on estate plans
      The importance of decent investment yield - especially in volatile times
      The new rules of salary sacrificing versus personal super contributions
      The Patience Principle
      The perils for investors of too much information in the app age
      The Problem With the Relentless Pursuit of Happiness
      The Retirement Problem: What to Do With All That Time?
      The Road Ahead
      The Science of Goal Setting and Why it Matters to Your Future
      The Secret to Longer Life: Keep Working
      The Simplicity on the Other Side of Complexity
      The story of your life viewed through your SMSF
      The Tao of Wealth Management
      The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying - George Ambler
      The Value of Financial Peace
      This simple goal will change your child's life forever
      Three superannuation reforms that would promote fairness and equity
      Three Things That Matter During a Market Sell-Off
      Treasurer wants super fixes, then stability
      Trust or trustworthiness


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