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The Timeless Titans: ASX Stocks That Have Weathered Centuries

As the sun rose over Sydney Harbour in 1817, a small group of merchants gathered in a modest building on George Street. Little did they know that the institution they were founding – the Bank of New South Wales – would evolve into a financial powerhouse that would still be thriving over two centuries later. This is the story of Wes...

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Are you planning to retire early?

Sarah, a 55-year-old marketing executive, sits at her desk, scrolling through photos from her recent vacation to Bali. The pristine beaches and serene landscapes remind her of a life beyond the confines of her office walls. As she glances at the calendar, marking another day until her planned retirement at 65, a thought crosses her mind: &quot...

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Shifting to a spending mentality from a saving mentality in retirement

Have you always been a saver? Here is a broad-brush profile of a saver. From the time Darren got his first job at 16, working the register at the local grocer, he had diligently put away a portion of every pay. Saving for the future was ingrained in his DNA. Even when he and his wife started a family, they kept to a strict budget, putting mo...

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Living Your Golden Years Without Financial Worry

Dianne has just retired from her job as an accountant after decades of loyal service. As she bid farewell to her colleagues, the pangs of anxiety began to set in. Would her savings and superannuation be enough to sustain her desired lifestyle throughout her retirement years? Stories of retirees outliving their money came into her mind. Leavi...

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The Reality of Retirement Funding: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom

Are you worried about having enough money to maintain your desired lifestyle in retirement? Many Australians share this concern, and it's time we address the elephant in the room – the retirement spending targets and assumptions commonly used may not align with the realities faced by most retirees. Imagine two worlds when it comes to...

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