Why Choose Parkside InvestorPlus

parkside investorplus

We think it just might be the perfect way to illustrate what we do for people.

We take unorganised stuff and transform it into a cohesive plan.

However, it's about more than the portfolio of documents. 

It's the process of helping people clarify their values and goals, making sense of them in the context of their lives, and then designing a plan to have a high probability to get them there.

This provides them with that all important peace of mind, control and certainty with confidence over their financial future.

The entire process can be represented by this image.

Another Reason why Parkside InvestorPlus is your Trusted Financial Partner

Parkside’s Client Service ratings score top quartile

parkside investorplus financial planning

The results from the most recent CATScan survey (2017) confirmed that on the whole, the majority of clients were well satisfied with the services they are receiving from Parkside. 65 clients responded (161 were contacted) - a 40% response rate, which is in line with our national average. 

The practice scored in the top quartile in four of the nine KPI areas.

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