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Wayne Billington on Advisor Ratings

Christine Britt-Lewis on Advisor Ratings

What do you look for in an adviser?

Somebody who is likeminded to myself someone who can give me a lot of information on how I can place my investments, the best rate of return and also to be a really good friend as well.

What have your experiences with Parkside being like?

Wayne and the team at Parkside have been incredible to me and my wife Marita. Looked after us right from the beginning, and shown us a huge range of products and services that will help us plan our retirement.

What tips would you have for others about thinking of working with Parkside?

Don't leave it till it's too late. Speak to Wayne and the team at Parkside. Even though you are in your early 30s, or even late 50s or early 60's. Estate Planning is essential, Retirement Planning is essential. If you want to have a good idea where you stand go see the people at Parkside especially Wayne and all the team.

Hugh Rabone

What have your experiences with Parkside been like?

Pauline: Very happy. Wayne is very friendly and manages our financial plan, everything is up to date. Everything is excellent
Collin: He explains everything very clearly.

Would you recommend other people to work with Parkside?

Pauline: Actually we have been, we HIGHLY recommend them. You know when I see my friends, if they want financial planning I actually already told them about Parkside InvestorPlus.  How wonderful Wayne is, he is very attentive, he looks after the client very well.

Pauline & Collin Cheung

What are you looking for in a financial planner?

Number one is integrity.
I've known Wayne for a long time and he is a person in every area of his life, I see as a person of integrity.
I trust he will be looking after our finances with integrity and he will be working hard for us. I don't have to worry that our information will go anywhere else I know it will stick with him; he has our best interest at heart.

What your experiences working with Parkside?

Fabulous! Every time we want an appointment, Wayne is very available for us; because of the times my husband has available, he fits in with us.
If anything new comes about he lets us know immediately ... or if anything impacts our finances, or if we call him with something urgent, he is onto it straight away.  He is really fast and good.

What tips do you have tips for others thinking about working with Parkside?

I've mentioned Parkisde to a quite a few of my friends...
Because I find Parkside is a really great business and as I say Wayne is a man of integrity.
And I'm constantly telling my friends if you need a financial adviser, which I think everybody does.
I just wished we done this years ago, it would have been so much better if we saw Parkside years ago! I tell everyone go NOW!



Faith Oxley

"I'm so pleased that Parkside were able to set up my Allocated Pension, now I'm worry free and secure knowing that I have a regular income in retirement"

Judith Fitton

"Thank you once again for all your advice and hard work on my behalf, it is much appreciated."

Laraine Tully

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