The Value of Financial Peace

By Carl Richards @Behaviorgap
It can be a struggle to feel peaceful when it comes to financial decisions, both before, during, and after. There have been times when I've gotten caught up in rehashing a money decision I've made. As a result, I've missed some amazing things along the way. But it doesn't have be that way. ...

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Something to Talk About

  By Carl Richards @Behaviorgap   Politics. Sex. Religion. Money. For years, we've been told not to talk about these subjects. Today, we probably talk about 2-3 of them more than we should, but we're still really good at NOT talking about money. In your role of real financial advisor, you can help people have the...

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Are term deposits safe or risky for long-term investors?

by Shane Oliver And Paul Clitheroe @Cuffelinks

Shane Oliver and Paul Clitheroe give their views on whether term deposits can be considered a conservative investment over the long term.

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Why I Hired a Real Advisor - Part 3 - Behavior Gap

Behavior Gap Radio@Behaviorgap This episode concludes my three-part series on why I hired a real financial advisor. Even though I'm an advisor, I'm also human. Being human means I'm still open to making emotional decisions. So to avoid making the big mistakes of buying high or selling low, I can benefit from having someone sta...

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Shared from Twitter: RBA will be forced to cut interest rate to 1 per cent or lower, Macquarie says

Vanessa Desloires  -Sydney Morning Herald
19 May 2016 This is a BIG call by Macquarie Bank - RBA rate to be cut to 1.0%, or less, to fight disinflation! Read more ...

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Life after work, are you ready?

Start Time: 5:30pm
Date: Wednesday 7th March 2018

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