Why See an Financial Adviser & Planner?


Why see an adviser?

Financial Advice is so much more than investing in a range of products.  A qualified adviser has specialist knowledge and expertise that helps you address your issues, set goals and work through strategies to solve your problems and remedy your financial situation allowing you to get on with the lifestyle you want without financial concerns.

Knowledge and expertise

People seek financial advice for a variety of reasons, some have inherited a windfall, others are going through a separation, some have liquidity attracting a lot of tax.  Most are planning to accumulate for a comfortable retirement and want to make the most of their investment dollar. 

An adviser has the advantage of knowledge, training and experience in dealing with people in similar circumstances. An individual given the authority to offer financial advice is expected to undertake extensive initial as well as ongoing training. Through this experience advisers can help you make your most important decisions and set new priorities to secure your financial future.

Not as Easy as It Looks

Financial Advice has come a long way over the past decade.  No longer a legacy of the insurance industry, Advisers must adhere to strict compliance regulation, ongoing training and education as stipulated in the Financial Services Regulation Amendment 2003.

Plain English

Whilst some of our clients are highly specific and technical, most want a plain English understanding of their strategy, where to invest and how to achieve their financial and personal goals. 


A Long Standing Relationship

Most of all, we intend to build long standing financial relationships based on mutual respect, prosperity and achievement with all our clients.  The financial plan is only the first step in the relationship to be followed with continual amendment, review and change as is necessary to ensure you achieve your financial goals.  Quite simply, it's the ongoing financial planning relationship that makes our business work and helps you achieve your lifestyle goals.


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