Why I Hired A Real Advisor - Part 2

Behavior Gap Radio @Behaviorgap
In part two of my series on why I hired an advisor, I reflect on the need to have someone remind me of my goals and the reasons why I said these things were important to me. Specifically, I wanted someone who would be there during those moments when I'd be tempted to throw aside my plan and my goals ...

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Why I Hired a Real Advisor - Part 1

Behavior Gap Radio If you're a real financial advisor why could you possibly need your own advisor? Today's show is the first in a three-part series on why I believe it's so valuable to hire a financial advisor. Because here's the reality, very few people will enter your office knowing the real value that they'll receive ...

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The Secret to Longer Life: Keep Working

Squared Away Blog Working provides people with "substantial financial, psychosocial and cognitive resources" to draw upon, while retirement can create stress, anxiety and even depression, especially in countries "where work is highly valued," Read more ...

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Older Investors Most Likely To Be Scammed

By Martin North   Martin North posted: "ASIC says "The Targeting Scams report published today shows losses reported to the Scamwatch website from investment scams doubled in 2015. ASIC is alerting the public to the ways they can protect themselves from scams that are designed to steal their money." Read more ...

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Retrospectivity ain't what it used to be

By Graham Hand @Cuffelinks   I wonder if there is any other country where retirement incomes policies command such a high profile in an election campaign. Even stranger, the main political arguments are whether the policies can be defined as retrospective. Last week's article on the superannuation changes generated more comm...

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What are you looking for in a financial planner? Number one is integrity.
I've known Wayne for a long time and he is a person in ever...

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