Bad Moods Are the Other Global Migration Problem

Tyler Cowen at Australia has its problems, but it is better placed than most other countries in the world. That's the prognosis of US economics professor Tyler Cowen who believes Australia is a case study in how pessimistic moods can leak across borders despite the much brighter reality.

The unsettling reali...

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3 Reasons the Stock Market Is Rising Even As the World Feels Like It's Falling Apart

by Aaron Task @aarontask There is such a stream of depressing news these daysterrorist attacks, military coups and rancorous politicsthat many investors can easily feel overwhelmed. However, a mistake people often make is to connect daily news headlines to their long-term investment goals. During volatile times, it pays to remember how ma...

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Talking About Money, Part 5

By Carl Richards @Behaviorgap
One of the most important things you'll need to remember about money involves a hat. It's the No Shame, No Blame hat, and you'll need to wear it during your personal money conversations, and you'll need to encourage your clients to wear it during there's. Because as experience and r...

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Talking About Money, Part 4 - Behavior Gap

By Carl Richards @Behaviorgap When we talk with clients about money, we need to find ways to remove ego from the discussion. One of my favorite tools is the Overnight Test. It gives people permission to back away from earlier investing decisions and make much-needed course corrections. It's also a great way for dealing the emotions w...

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Market timing - as tricky as ever

By Natalie Miller  Portfolio Corner The Bottom Line
Short-term volatility can be nerve-wracking. But, trying to avoid being invested on the bad days and catching only the good days requires making two decisions correctly: 1) knowing when to get out of the market, and 2) knowing when to get back in to the market. They're bot...

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