20 Valuable Personal Finance Questions to Ask Yourself - The Simple Dollar

By Trent Hamm The Simple Dollar   Getting your head around financial issues doesn't so much start with understanding all the technical jargon but with knowing more about yourself, your feelings toward money and what is important to you.
In forming a long-term financial plan, the first question you should ask is not whic...

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Only 4.2% of people will be adversely affected by Budget super changes

By Luke Smith


Superannuation & SMSFs

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What's Your Financial Personality?

New research reveals surprising truths about Australians' attitudes towards money and their hopes and dreams for the future. Four distinct personality types have emerged: POKER MASTER, MOVER & SHAKER, EASY RIDER and RULE KEEPER. Test your financial personality Are you a dreamer or a doer? Are you willing to take risks or make sacrific...

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Good Plan, Good Habit

By Suzanne Woolley  7 Essential Habits for Saving and Investing Once you have a financial plan in place, the next step is developing some good habits toward saving, spending and investment. This writer lists seven habits of highly effective investors. Many of these behaviours may look basic, but it's uncanny how many people fail ...

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10 Reasons Why Financial Plans Aren't Just For The 1%

By Laura Shin Many Australians are big on dreams, but not so strong on plans. We can see where we want to be, but aren't always confident about how to get there. That's why it makes sense to have a financial plan. Financial plans aren't just for older people with millions of dollars. Everyone needs to plan for retirement, ...

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