More than Money

More than Money by Di Percy The last major stage of life is a chance to do something we are passionate about. In 'elderhood' (post-adulthood) we have the time and relative freedom to make more choices, for as long as our health allows. Read more from @Cuffelinks ...

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The Herding Mentality: Behavioral Finance and Investor Biases

Are people sheep - survey says yes! Herding garnered 34% of the votes and stood out as the topmost bias. By Shreenivas Kunte, CFA Like a medicine, prospect theory has been prescribed by many as an essential panacea for most if not all investment practitioners. Yet, heuristics mental shortcuts and other biases continue to affect so...

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What is Financial Life Planning?

What is Financial Life Planning? Simply put, Financial Life Planning is understanding YOU before the numbers! @leondnabehavior Read more....
Leon Morales
Vice President, Behavioral Intelligence Solutions at DNA Behavior International   ...

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What's On Your Emotional Balance Sheet?

What's On Your Emotional Balance Sheet?
A few years ago, I came across a blog post by a writer named Emma Johnson who declared, in no uncertain terms, that "You. Cannot. Afford. To. Be. A. Full-time. Stay-at-home mom. You just can't."
I like strong opinions because they make me think and help me clarify my own feeli...

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Variety Bash - We are off next Sunday

"Supporting Frankie Valiant and the 4 Seasons (our clients) in their journey to raise funds for disadvantaged kids that Variety supports - Bass Hill to Bunbury a Bash."  
Hi Everyone, Frankie Valiant and the 4 Seasons (that's us below) are off on our 5000km journey of dust and flies next Sunday. We're just a fe...

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Life after work, are you ready?

Start Time: 5:30pm
Date: Wednesday 7th March 2018

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