Decision Making and Counterintuition in Investing

  Credit Suisse's Michael J. Mauboussin  CFA Enterprising Investor Investing is more than Acknowledge CFA Enterprising Investor just a numbers game. Having the requisite quantitative skills, while an essential component of success, is not all there is to it. Possessing a "contrarian streak" is just as vital...

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Valuing financial advice

Salvador Saiz, Senior Consultant, RiceWarner "There is a lack of knowledge and understanding of even basic superannuation concepts, showing there is plenty of upside for quality advice to make a difference" Investor financial literacy and education rank as two primary levers available to superannuation funds that seek to dee...

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Should Investors Sell After a "Correction"?

Should Investors Sell After a "Correction"? WESTON WELLINGTON,  Down to the Wire-  VICE PRESIDENT Financial professionals generally describe any decline of 10% or more from a previous peak as a "correction". Should investors seek to protect themselves for further declines by selling or should they conside...

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Nine rules for investors to keep in mind

    Nine rules for investors to keep in mind
Shane Oliver, Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist. The attached note looks at nine things that are useful for investors to keep in mind.
Key Points
Investing during times of market stress and volatility can be difficult.  For this reason it...

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Something Most Investors Simply Cannot Accept - A Wealth of Common Sense

  Focus on the Goal @awealthofcs Everyone likes to assume they are above average either as drivers, travellers or investors. Our egos get the better of us, leading us to take on unnecessary risk. Ben Carlson recommends that instead of trying to "beat" the market, we should focus on meeting our own goals.

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