How to Set a Budget and Stick to a Budget

Ask any accountant about budgeting and they'll tell you to gather all the relevant information first. That will include getting a grip of your net income, your fixed and variable expenses and a sense of your priorities. Understanding and being aware of your cashflow is the starting point.
Running a household budget is easier if you brea...

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Federal Budget 2017-18: Getting the right balance

Getting the right balance Treasurer Scott Morrison's first budget of the Coalition's second term in office marked a significant shift in tone from the tough stance of its three previous budgets. Gone is the mantra of debt and deficit. Instead the Treasurer has balanced the government's resolve to live within its means with pro...

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Five urban myths about super changes

Much of the conversation about the superannuation reforms relates to reducing pension balances to a person's transfer balance cap, resetting the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) cost base for investments and making last minute contributions before the caps drop on 1 July 2017. This article covers a few urban myths that have developed among some trust...

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Delayed gratification: are you too soft on yourself?

  When was the last time you had to wait for something you really, really wanted? Not just your morning coffee, or your favourite tipple at the end of a long day something seriously important? Now think, when was the last time you could have had something, but put it off? If you can't think of an answer to either, you...

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How Much Money Do You Need to Retire?

There are all sorts of rules of thumb about saving for retirement. There's the 4% withdrawal rule. Another rule states you need to have saved 20-25x the annual income you want to spend in retirement. Then there's the one that says you'll need to replace 80% of your current income from your portfolio in retirement.
Rules of ...

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