Your Planning Guide for Retirement

Your retirement is a new phase in your life and in every way, this should be the happiest and most fulfilling time of your life phase. Just think of all those things you can now do in retirement, that you were not able to do so before because you were time poor and/or because you didn’t have spare cash thanks to your obligations during you...

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Your lifestyle in retirement – how much can you afford to spend

This is one of those questions where the response “it depends” is very appropriate. When I say to my clients ‘it depends’, I always refer to how much you have in your superannuation when it comes to retiring. When it comes to retirement, everyone’s needs, and expectations are different. Firstly, in theory, you sh...

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Mortgage debt and the great retirement of 2021

In a recent Economic Insights article by CommSec (October 2021), the publication cited the fact that the pandemic had resulted in more workers exiting the job market. To quote some specific numbers: In June 2021, the proportion of those not in the workforce, because of retirement, was at a record 39.9%. In September 2021, this proportion fell...

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Retiring as a senior (woman) on your own

When couples think of retiring, the usual thinking revolves around being able to do all sorts of things that may not have been possible during their parenting/working lives. Travel, new hobbies, home renovations or even taking up part-time work in a new area of interest. The conventional paradigm of retirement planning typically involves couple...

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Are you a pre-retiree and are you stressing about retirement?

Are you a pre-retiree and starting to feel uneasy about impending retirement? Then read on. First, what is a pre-retiree? A pre-retiree is anyone who is in the period where they have decided they are ready to retire to the actual retirement date. Who is a pre-retiree? While there may not be a strict definition of what age or age group defin...

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