The benefits of delaying your retirement

The commonly held notion of retiring at age 65 or thereabouts, is slowly but surely changing. While the thought of having more time to yourself, or enjoying overseas trips, spending endless days on the golf course (not for me by the way) or seeing your grandkids more often may sound very enticing, the thought of retirement at the notional age o...

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Have you planned for Aged Care in your retirement?

In my previous articles about retirement planning, I’ve spoken about the importance of getting yourself ready for retirement before you retire, for example, having a test running your retirement prior to the actual event. And I’ve written about how much in your superannuation you will need to retire comfortably. So, while we talk a...

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Can you 'test drive' your retirement?

When it comes to retirement, it's probably fair to say that there are two main camps of people those looking forward to retiring and those dreading the thought of retiring. Those looking forward to retiring might have a few (or many) grandiose plans such as: Interstate and overseas travel (when we're allowed again!) Spending...

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What really is a financial plan?

It's interesting when a client first comes to see us wanting to set up a structured financial plan. One of the first comments from clients, even before we start the discovery session, is "so, where will you be investing my money?" It's at this point I have to gently back them up and explain that a financial plan is much m...

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Retirement - now what?

As we navigate through life, we have several significant transition events that shape our lives. Typically, these events include: Study and education Starting your first job Getting married Having children Children getting married Becoming grandparents While not all of us may experience these events, there is one ...

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