What really is a financial plan?

It's interesting when a client first comes to see us wanting to set up a structured financial plan. One of the first comments from clients, even before we start the discovery session, is "so, where will you be investing my money?" It's at this point I have to gently back them up and explain that a financial plan is much m...

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Women and Financial Independence

For many women, the phrase 'women and financial independence' may seem like an oxymoron. More so than not, the challenges women face, when it comes to building a financial nest egg, are huge compared to males. I preface the previous sentence with 'more so than not' simply because we do have outliers where women have achieve...

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What can we learn from wine making when it comes to long term financial investment?

From the start, full disclosure, I enjoy a nice red (or white), regardless from where, if it's had the requisite time to reach its peak. While not all of us may be wine aficionados, my guess though is that most of us could tell if a wine was drinkable, or not, simply by taking your first sip. If the aromas and palette are pleasing keep...

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