Advice worth more than it costs

A young family could be $240,000 better off at retirement if they receive financial advice, according to Sunsuper. Sunsuper commissioned CoreData for its 'Value of Advice Report' that found that a 34-year-old Australian couple who received advice could maximise their money to pay for six additional years of private education for t...

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Pre-retirees concerned and underprepared

Almost one in three Australians do not believe they will be in a comfortable financial position when they retire and half of those nearing retirement have not begun planning for it, according to a new study.

The research prepared by Australian Unity and Empirica into retirement planning collated the responses of 1000 baby boomer Austra...

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Why all the fuss about family trusts?

Affluent Australians usually hold their investments in some combination of superannuation, family trusts and direct ownership of negatively geared property. Over the last year, changes in superannuation rules and more challenging property market conditions have shifted the relative benefits of these arrangements. Family trusts have become com...

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The impact of super changes on estate plans

The introduction of the $1.6 million transfer balance cap will affect the insurance and estate plans of many superannuation members. In my last article, I discussed why members must review any insurance they hold in super. Additionally, the transfer balance cap places a limit on the amount that can be paid as a death benefit pension and any e...

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The Problem With the Relentless Pursuit of Happiness

I tweeted the following this week and received a pretty decent response: You would never realize we live in one of the most peaceful periods in human history when you watch the terrible stories on the news every day. Apathy as a strategy can work to your advantage when most things in life are out of your control anyway. And the resea...

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