Ideal retirement a pipe dream for most pre-retirees

  Pre-retirees want: a guaranteed income stream and a plan to meet their desired lifestyle. Talk to a qualified Financial Adviser that has your best interests in hand. Read more ...

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How is the "sell everything" forecast going?

By Stephen Koukoulas Don't lose your head.
Back in January this year, a major global investment bank told its clients to "sell everything". A month later, markets turned around. While we don't know whether that trend will continue, we can say that making big decisions based on emotions triggered by recent volatili...

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How & Why We Hinder Our Personal Investment Success - Forbes

By Mike Patton The recency effect in bad markets can leave investors fearful, thinking that what happened yesterday will happen tomorrow. In good markets, greed can lead to people jumping on bandwagons. One answer to these swings is having an advisor to help you maintain a distance from your emotions.
If fear takes over in bad markets a...

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Confusing What Just Happened With What Happens Next

By Barry Ritholtz @BloombergView Keeping perspective One reason we give such weight to recent market events is that the emotional impact is still with us. And for the media, "news" is defined as what's new and raw. The big mistake that investors make in all this is confusing what just happened with what happens next, as Barr...

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What to expect in this year's 'pre-election budget'

By Shane Oliver, Chief Economist and Head of Investment Strategy at AMP Capital   Election budget to focus on reforms to taxation and superannuation.  There will be added interest in the Federal Budget 2016-17 announcement on May 3 as it's likely to be the final major economic statement the Government makes before the electi...

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