The 2% Change - Feld Thoughts

By Brad Feld - a managing director at Foundry Group in Boulder, Colorado. This week at the Times, Carl Richards @Behaviorgap gave everyone permission to pursue the big change they've hesitated to make. But the flip side of the big change is the small, incremental one, and those can be just as valuable. At the moment, I'm livin...

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Age Pension safety net is assured

By Suzanne Doyle 

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How Many Years Can You Do Your Job?

Squared Away Blog

Every occupation, whether white- or blue-collar, possesses a unique combination of physical and mental skills some of which decline with age. 

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Re-contributions another victim of Budget

By Peter Hogan @Cuffelinks For many years, advisers have recommended 're-contribution' strategies to retirees to reduce the tax on superannuation left to a non-dependent child. Peter Hogan warns the proposed changes to superannuation rules will have a profound and perhaps unexpected impact on this strategy.  Read more ...

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What It Takes to Retire Early

By Ben Carlson CFA

Save or control your spending habits are the keys.

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