Aged Care Changes

  Decisions around aged care are always difficult and emotional. From the start of next year they are likely to get even more complex, with both the Age Pension and aged care sectors set for another shake-up. Currently, many people entering aged care choose to keep their former home and rent it out to help supplement their accomm...

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Part 2: Building a better retirement nest egg: factors that influence retirement savings

This is the second in a two-part article series that examines the factors that contribute to building retirement savings. Many factors have the potential to change retirement savings outcomes, each with varying degrees of influence. It's important for SMSF investors to understand how these variables work to help maximise retirement sa...

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Building a better retirement nest egg: Part 1 - Factors that influence retirement savings

In 1970 the average person in the OECD spent two years in retirement. By 2012 this figure had increased to 15 years. Many workers in the developed world now spend as much of their life out of the workforce as they do in it. Given this change, saving enough for retirement is a pressing global issue. In Australia, as people live longer than...

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7 Essential Money Questions Sure to Start a Conversation

It's the season of the long hike, the slow beach stroll, the idle time when you can finally just talk and think for at least a little while. Even if you don't get to go on vacation over these next two weeks, many workplaces will be quieter than usual, allowing, perhaps, for an early escape and a longer evening meal. No time like t...

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The Tao of Wealth Management

September 29, 2016 Jim Parker, Outside the Flags
Vice President
Dimensional Fund Advisors

The path to success in many areas of life is paved with continual hard work, intense activity and a day-to-day focus on results. In long-term investment, however, that philosophy is turned upside down.
The Chinese philosophy of Taoism ...

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