Investing Should Be Painful

By Allan S. Roth  I suggest telling clients to embrace the pain and take it as a good sign. There are no guarantees. But the odds are they will be glad they worked through the hurt. When I tell clients that pain is a strong indicator of good investing, they usually laugh. I admit it sounds like a punch line, but it also happens t...

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Long-term investing: the destination is better than the journey

By Peter Gee@Cuffelinks It's an unfortunate fact that most investors underperform the index because they buy when share prices are strong and sell when they are weak, reacting to short-term movements. Peter Gee shows the volatile returns of a balanced fund over one month and one year versus the positive consistency of 10 years returns. ...

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A lifetime of investing insights

By Noel Whittaker@Cuffelinks
Looking back over the last quarter of a century, the main theme despite the enormous changes during the period has been history repeating itself. Bust follows boom, boom follows bust, and today's investment fashion is quickly replaced by another. Read more ...

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Risk on? Interest rates could stay low for decades

Martin North @DFA_Analyst When a central bank lifts interest rate targets by 0.5% it expects households and firms to respond. In a crisis, the official target may fall by 3% in order to shock the economy into a positive response. These movements of interest rates by the central bank are an important tool of macroeconomic adjustment Re...

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What to expect in 2016

Shane Oliver@ShaneOliverAMP
Chief Economist and Head of the Investment Strategy team 2015 draws to a close, this is the time when investors typically reflect on their positions perhaps learning from market and subsequent investment performance throughout the year and strategise for the New Year. Due to market corrections that occurred m...

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