What Does the Market Know?

by Howard Marks of Oaktree Capital Management I'm not saying the market is never right when prices go down (or up). I'm merely saying the market has no special insight and conveys no consistently helpful message. It's not that it's always wrong; it's that there's no reason to presume it's right."
It see...

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Learn How to Say No So You Can Say a Bigger Yes

By CARL RICHARDS@Behaviorgap I have a problem: It's really hard for me to say no to new, exciting projects.
If you're doing creative work at all (and I'm using this term very broadly, so that should mean just about everybody), then you've probably run into this problem yourself. There are endless options for how you coul...

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Two flavors of investment volatility

Fiduciary Matters Blog By Bob Collie  With volatility in the news, keep in mind the distinction between time series volatility (bumpy ride) and distributional volatility (uncertain destination.) Read more ...

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Why we should all ask our elders about how best to

by Karl Pillemer  ask the advice of the oldest people you know.
Because older people have one thing that the rest of us do not: they have lived their lives. Read more ...

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Empty-Nesters Aren't Saving Enough

  Squared Away Blog After the kids leave, it's understandable that self-sacrificing parents might want to splurge a little on a trip, theater tickets, or an expensive hobby. But be sure to figure out how much to save and spend to adopt a sustainable standard of living for retirement. read more ...

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